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10 Gifts You Gave in 2022

Thank you so much for your continued kindness, and for sharing with children and families in need this year.

Colombian Farmers Help Improve Access to Food and Nutrition in Own Backyards

Colombian farmers are receiving the tools and training they need to grow fresh fruit and vegetables. Their food will help feed 1,300 children.

Driving Towards Change

Students in Puerto Cortes, Honduras are learning life-changing skills in the transportation industry that will help support their families.

Llandewey Onion Farmers Begin Year-Long Training Program

Onion farmers in Jamaica are gaining the tools, training, and skills they need to support themselves and their families with food security.

girl power

Girl Power Starts With Education

Girls Rights are Human Rights. And the right to education is a human right.

Leave No One and No Place Behind

“One of the core missions at Food For the Poor Canada is to provide those in need with safe and secure homes,” says Executive Director, Samantha Mahfood. “We understand the need for communities to be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”

It’s a Chicken and Egg Situation!

Twelve families in  the remote village of Baramita, Guyana now have eggs to eat on a daily basis. This is because of our donors. Let us tell you more. 

Fay Ferguson

Fay Ferguson- A Donor Spotlight

Fay Ferguson is a monthly donor with Food For The Poor Canada (FFPC). This started during the Covid-19 pandemic. She says that FFPC is “right where my heart is.”


Another School Built By Our Volunteers!

Over the course of four days our committed volunteers - the Josephs family, Helping Hands Jamaica and Kisko helped complete the Bourne Gordon's Pre-school and Kindergarten in Linstead, St. Catherine. They painted, hammered (and danced!) for Jamaica’s youngest learners. This was the 25th school built in partnership with FFPC by the Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation.

Help A Girl Out

Help A Girl Out!!!

Food for the Poor Canada along with Help a Girl Out teamed up in Jamaica this summer. Fighting period poverty, sustainably.


Map out your future – but do it with pencils!

Since the beginning of 2022 you shipped three containers of food to Jamaica, Honduras and Haiti. Over 2,379,950 meals!

It’s World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is more than a day that recognizes humanitarian workers. It is also a day to remind us that aid workers often put others' needs before their own. Especially during times of crisis and hardship.

Our Volunteers Make a Difference

The ongoing Toronto airport chaos of 2022 wasn’t enough to deter a group of 14 dedicated volunteers from heading to Spanish Town, Jamaica this past month.


Food is the Fuel for Learning!

The brain, like all our other organs, needs these calories. Did you know that while the brain only makes up 2% of our bodies, in adults it uses 20% of our body's energy use?

school supplies

Medicine and Other Supplies Update

Since the beginning of 2022 you have sent 4 shipments of mixed supplies. They went to Jamaica, Honduras, Haiti, as well as Guyana.


San Antonio’s Health Clinic is now open thanks to you

The health clinic is coming to life thanks to you!


Every Child Counts

FFPC works with Every Child Counts School in the Bahamas to support priority needs. Hurricane Dorian destroyed the school in 2019

kuru kuru

Kuru Kuru Primary Update

To date, the program has benefitted 42 nursery and primary students


Derac – You Built a Village!

Food For The Poor Canada has finished 60 homes in Derac, Haiti. That means sixty families now have new homes.

meals for containers

You Fed 2.3 Million People!

Since the beginning of 2022 you shipped three containers of food to Jamaica, Honduras and Haiti. Over 2,379,950 meals!