Having access to work and food is a challenge in San Antonio. Families struggle every day to bring food into their homes, and mothers need a constant source of income to improve the living conditions of their families. 

To provide greater access to food and income, FFPC is constructing a chicken shed for 16 women of San Antonio and will distribute 300 hens, 30 roosters, feeders, drinkers, and 60 bags of feed for chickens that will be used to generate income through the sale of eggs

The laying of the foundation of the chicken shed began on March 27, 2023 and construction is expected to finish by the early summer.

“Hi, my name is Maria Martinez Varela. I am 46 years old and we live in the community of San Antonio. My current situation is critical due to my family’s lack of employment and income generation. For that reason, we are requesting your help with the project in order to have an income that will help many of the families in the community. The eggs currently have a very high price and, in this way, we could bring them to the community at a lower cost.”

Project Impacts

  • Provide food security for the women and their families by being able to buy food using the income made from this project
  • Generate a source of income as a result of the sale of eggs, which will help them better cover the needs of their families
  • A great learning opportunity for the beneficiaries, their families, and the students of the San Antonio school, who will be able to learn about a new business and its activities such as raising and caring for chickens and selling eggs
  • Awaken an agricultural and entrepreneurial spirit in all those involved in the project
  • Bring eggs into the community at a more affordable cost, making them easier to acquire for the families in San Antonio, ensuring that this basic, dietary staple will not be missing from their meals

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