Our goal is to create prosperous communities where children and their families flourish

Food For The Poor Canada works in international relief and sustainable development, empowering communities in Latin America and the Caribbean through five areas of investment: food, housing, health, education, and livelihood. FFPC responds to urgent needs while building community and social infrastructure, and utilizes pre-existing networks of local affiliated organizations to better sustain and grow the communities they serve. We ship and distribute food, medicines, and educational supplies, build villages, homes and schools, provide scholarships, and support income-generating projects.

Our community-led approach is important to us. We ask communities to tell us what their needs are and then we mobilize to help.

Through our long-standing network of trusted partners, FFPC also focuses on emergency preparedness and responds immediately and effectively to emergencies and natural disasters as they occur.

We work with government ministries and charitable partners, as well as churches and community leaders to distribute aid, serving the poorest of the poor, and strengthening infrastructure in local communities. As an interdenominational Christian organization affiliated with Food For The Poor, Inc., we benefit from economies of scale and over 40 years of experience working on the ground in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our collaborative approach ensures donations reach those who need it the most, quickly and efficiently.

Prime Minister of Jamaica Endorses Food For The Poor

“Being one of the largest international relief and development organizations assisting Jamaica, the [FFP] institution has embodied the true spirit of volunteerism and service…” – The Most Hon., Andrew Holness

“I am filled with immense admiration for the incredible contribution this organization has made to the people of Jamaica.” – Mark J. Golding, Jamaican MP & Leader of the Opposition




Your donation goes far and drives meaningful change

We impact more lives with the donations we receive by working with Canadian partners to source donated goods in kind that are desperately needed in the countries we serve.

We also leverage the infrastructure and programming of our affiliated organizations on the ground who have been working there for over 30 years, allowing us to work effectively and efficiently.