When children and families have access to nutritious food, they can learn, work, and thrive

Since the very beginning, access to food has been the number one priority for Food For The Poor Canada. Everyone should have access to food. We know that a well-fed child can concentrate better in school. In the same way, an adult who isn’t hungry is more likely to keep their job. We rely on kind donors like you to provide life-saving food for malnourished children and families in need of support.

For children and families living in poverty this means that children are going to bed hungry. Families must choose between buying food and paying other bills. Parents choose between eating dinner or giving their portion to their children.

You can help feed a child today.

Your Impact

  • You feed thousands of people every day, providing food to schools, hospitals, orphanages, community feeding centres, churches, and charitable organizations 
  • You provide meals to school feeding programs
  • You support farmers and community gardens
  • You support income generation so families can buy their own food
  • After a hurricane, flooding, or earthquake you provide food and water to families affected by the disaster.

Impact By the Numbers

  • 32,775,299 meals to communities in Jamaica, Haiti, Honduras, and Guyana since 2010
  • 272,000 glasses of milk to children in Haiti
  • 4.7 million people fed with rice and beans
  • 276,798 bags of dried vegetable soup mix, feeding more than 27.6 million people
  • 4,245 bags of dried Canadian fruit, 6,999 bags of dried beans, 15,742 cans of garbanzo beans, and 1,068 bags of beef broth to communities across Haiti and Jamaica
  • 2,500 pounds of fish as well as 2,760 bags granola to communities across Haiti

Your Gift Goes Further With Us

  • We secure donations of food and purchase locally when we can and at the lowest prices
  • We work with our local partners, the largest charities in the region, to distribute supplies
  • Our partners work closely with local governments and have the ability to effectively navigate various levels of government 
  • Our partners have a unique understanding of the most urgent needs and because of their work with local charities, churches, organizations and communities
  • We are the Canadian affiliate of Food For The Poor Inc., which is based in the United States and one of the largest charities working in the region, leveraging their extensive partnerships and purchasing power.