Food Security

Feed a Child Today

Provide a Meal to a Hungry Child

As food prices skyrocket in Canada and around the world, we are all feeling the impact in our wallets. For children and families living in poverty this means that children are going to bed hungry. Families must choose between buying food and paying other bills. Parents choose between eating dinner or giving their portion to their children. In the countries where we work, we are hearing stories of increased hardship. And, our warehouses are empty. No child should go to bed hungry. You can help. We are asking you to help feed hungry children across the Caribbean and Latin America.

Jeremiah is seven years old

Jeremiah is a grade two student at Kuru Kuru Primary. He comes from a single parent household. Experiencing unemployment, his mother Fonda still has to care for her four children.

She cannot afford to provide him with breakfast and as a result he often goes to school hungry.

Keysha is seven years old

Keysha is a grade two student who was recently enrolled into Kuru Kuru Primary. Her mother Samantha works as a cleaner at the same school. Samantha is a single parent of four girls who attend both primary and secondary school. Due to her low salary, she is unable to adequately provide for her daughters. 

This situation affects many children in the Caribbean as well as across Latin America.




Events unfolding in Ukraine prove how conflict leads to hunger. Up to 50 million people globally will face hunger without Ukraine's cereal exports.



The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy are driving hunger to unprecedented levels. More people, especially the most disadvantaged are going hungry.



Climate change destroys crops and livelihoods. As well, it undermines people’s ability to feed themselves.



High inflation is increasing the cost of food staples. The cost of food is up 24 percent compared to 2021. The cost of fuel has risen, impacting the cost of shipping. This makes it harder for families to buy the basics they need.

Improving food security saves lives. Feed a child today.