Food For The Poor Canada is part of a strong network of international charities

The charity consists of a network of organizations that was founded 40 years ago, including Food For The Poor Canada, Food For The Poor, Inc. in the United States, Food For The Poor Jamaica, Food For The Poor Haiti, Food For The Poor Guyana, and strong, local partners across Latin America and the Caribbean. Food For The Poor Canada works with Canadians to support a network of established partners, responding to urgent needs and working with communities to build sustainability.

Food For The Poor internationally builds homes, schools and community centres, provides food to hundreds of thousands of children and their families every day, drills life-giving water wells, ships medicines and medical supplies, provides skills training and micro-enterprise opportunities, promotes self-sustainable development projects, ships educational supplies and computers, and supports scholarships to give children an education that will enable them to break free from the cycle of poverty.

In 1991 Food For The Poor Canada was incorporated to work with Canadians for Latin America and the Caribbean.

It was supported by a volunteer board until 2008 when Samantha Mahfood was hired as Executive Director to expand the reach of Food For The Poor in Canada.

Our work continues to build on the foundation and the experience of Food For The Poor, Inc. (FFTP) in the United States. FFTP was established in 1982 to support development projects that make a lasting impact on the lives of people in Latin America and the Caribbean We benefit from economies of scale in our work and partnerships, as well as the established network of partners on the ground in Latin America and the Caribbean.