Llandewey is a rural community located in St. Thomas, Jamaica. Most residents living here have low levels of education and skills. They have to rely on farming to make an income to support themselves and their families. Many of these households fall under the poverty line.

One of the ways you are helping these families is by supporting the Llandewey Onion Farming Project. This 12-month program provides 15 farmers with the agricultural tools and equipment they need. This will help them to establish their own half-acre onion farm and receive technical assistance and training.

Tanesha is one of these farmers, and has been farming for about 35 years. She is passionate about farming and taking care of her family.

“Farming is my job! Without farming, I cannot put food on the table…farming is my job and [I have been] doing it over the years…and I encourage other people to do it and it will become part of them as well because that’s the only way out to put food on our table.” – Tanesha Samuels

In current conditions where onion farmers can only grow crops when it rains, they achieve average yields of 14,000 pounds of onions per acre. But through this project, they will be able to maintain their crops throughout the drier months, and can expect to yield 17,800 pounds of onions per acre, a 27% increase. Families will have more food to put on the table, and they will increase their income by selling more onions.

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