In 2021, FFPC donors set out to fund the women’s income-generation centre in San Antonio, Honduras. Today, the structure stands completed, with an opening ceremony planned to follow after the Easter holidays.

The centre will provide the women in the community with a dedicated space where they can have regular access to technical training, empowerment workshops, and equipment for learning skills such as sewing and baking. These workshops will allow the women to start their own businesses to make an income that will help support their families.

In addition to providing technical workshops to enhance income-generating potential, the centre will also serve the community as a central place for board meetings, events, religious services, medical outreach programs, and other community gatherings. The centre will serve more than 1,800 residents across San Antonio and its neighbouring communities of Choacapa, La Chorrera, Matamula, Corral de Piedra, La Estanzuela, and Santa Rosita, and will allow for diversification of the workshops offered, attracting more women to participate.

Women working in the sewing workshop previously held in the local school
Women receiving sewing workshops at the San Antonio Vocational Center
Now, women will have their own space to continue with training

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