Together we were able to make a lasting impact in 2023! Here are 10 things we accomplished with your help


With the help of Canadian farmers, partners and volunteers, and with your support, 4.8 million meals were shipped to Jamaica, Haiti, and Honduras this year.


The Local 27 Carpenters Union provides hope for a brighter future. 12 members from the union volunteered to help build a secure home for a family in Jamaica.


612 children now have access to a fully-equipped library where they can develop their love of reading and enhance their digital literacy skills.


25 truck drivers were trained, giving them the opportunity to secure well-paid jobs in a demanding industry, and potentially doubling their income.


55 scholarships were provided to students in Jamaica, covering the cost of school fees, books, and a daily lunch. 1,400 infant and primary students across 25 Jamaican schools received a daily, hot meal to stay energized and focused on schoolwork.


Two homes have been built for families in Honduras, and enough funds were raised to build seven additional homes this year!


$400K worth of essential medicine and medical supplies were shipped to Honduras to help protect families from life-threatening illnesses. Items distributed included painkillers, antibiotics and drugs for heart disease and diabetes.


Canadian volunteers with our partner Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation helped build our 39th school to date!


In the remote village of Baramita, Guyana, a medical outreach program was conducted to address the lack of access to healthcare services. Over 3 days, doctors and dentists attended to more than 400 adult and child patients.


960,000 water purification tablets have been distributed to help protect families affected by a Cholera outbreak in Haiti. That’s over 14 million glasses of clean water!

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