“I am very thankful for being given this opportunity and start to do something for ourselves. Thank you for the financial assistance to build the coop. With the chickens, I hope to increase the amount of chickens I am rearing. Thank you to the donors for this assistance.” – Community member & new chicken farmer”

Twelve families in  the remote village of Baramita, Guyana now have chickens, and eggs to eat on a daily basis. This is because of our donors. Let us tell you more. 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations defines food insecurity as:

“A situation that exists when people lack secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development and an active lifestyle”

Food insecurity can be a result of poverty.  Or  a lack of ease of access to food items. Both of these issues  affect the small, rural community of Baramita, Guyana. With only 3,500 residents, approximately 95% of the community is experiencing extreme poverty. High food costs due to the community’s remote location and low incomes mean that families go hungry. Many residents are suffering from malnourishment. This impacts their health, children’s education, and the standard of living.

The establishment of chicken farms increases food security.

They do this by providing households with income and nutritionally-rich food sources. Additionally, they have a low environmental impact. All that pecking and scratching chickens do contributes to the ecosystem’s nutrient cycling. They are also important sources of genetic biodiversity and help maintain indigenous breeds. All this together is a winning formula.

In Baramita, 12 families are each raising 24 creole chickens as a source of eggs and poultry meat. Hens will produce about one egg per day. They will also reproduce to provide a sustainable source of food and income.

This project was funded by Canadian donors through the Golf For Guyana tournament.

On September 10, 72 golfers comprising 18 teams competed at the Sunnybrae Golf Club. They raised a total of xx dollars for this worthy cause and an enjoyable afternoon was had by all. Over $20,000 dollars was raised!

It is an honour to work with our local partner Food For The Poor Guyana and leaders of the Baramita community. Together, we will continue to bring lasting change and meaningful projects to the community. 

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