Thanks to your kindness and the generosity of FFPC partners and other Canadians, students in Haiti are able to start the school year with a warm meal in their bellies.

The donation of Guyana rice was a lifesaver for many schools across Haiti. Most children rely on their schools’ feeding programs for their daily meals after arriving to class on an empty stomach. One school that received the rice was the Little Children of Haiti Center in Port-au-Prince, where 80 children and staff members depend on donations for their daily needs.

Students at a recipient school enjoy their lunch.

The brothers of the Missionary of the Poor who manage the centre, share their gratitude with Canadians

“Day after day Food for The Poor continues to show us their compassion towards us. Every time we have extended our hands they have reached and grabbed us.”

Presently, about 3.7 million Haitians are in urgent need of food assistance. Many families rely on the informal economy and small family farms for subsistence and an income. But limited access to funds and modern technology makes farming less profitable these days. Lack of sufficient farming, paired with the rising levels of unemployment all worsened by the pandemic, has meant that much of the population is left hungry and malnourished.

As our FFP Haiti partner confirms,

“Many people rely on outside help to feed themselves or their families.”

Providing food to families and communities is an essential part of building prosperous communities. Your generosity helps to keep families healthy and fed and allows children to focus on their studies and lead their communities in the future.

In such an exceptional year, many hardships are exacerbated for families and shipments of food are urgently needed to support families in the Caribbean and Latin American region.