The third annual Golf For Guyana Tournament teed off on Saturday, September 12, at the Cedarhurst Golf Club. Players putted around the course in support of community development projects in Baramita, Guyana.

Baramita, Guyana

Baramita is an indigenous community located in the remote northern region of Guyana and has a population of about 3,500 people. 95% of the community live in extreme poverty. The cost of living in Baramita is three times higher than on the coast, as the majority of food and other items have to be imported. The lack of basic necessities and the extreme level of poverty in Baramita is resulting in a feeling of hopelessness throughout the community.

Typical home in Baramita, Guyana

Event Organizers

Bernadette Logan, Frank Corker, Jim Frye and Bonnie Frye have been spearheading fundraising initiatives for Baramita in partnership with FFPC. This collaboration aims to help promote social development in the community through improved living conditions, easy access to skills training opportunities and sensitization programs.

Phase I successfully raised enough funds to build a Community Resource Center, which is currently under construction! We are currently in Phase II, raising funds to construct 10 homes and investigate building a safe house.

 Golf For Guyana

The tournament was scheduled to take place in June, but was postponed due to COVID-19. Event organizers and past players expressed interest in wanting to support Baramita through this event, therefore, this year’s tournament was modified to accommodate. In an effort to respect social distancing, players were given staggered start times with 15-minute arrival intervals. Event organizers and volunteers warmly welcomed guests while FFPC staff provided updates on Baramita projects. Guests were pleased to hear how their support was unfolding and coming to fruition in the community.

Construction of the Resource Center is underway, August 2020

The day was filled with smiles. Players enjoyed the course and enjoyed supporting this vital cause. A big thank you from FFPC and Baramita to the event organizers, volunteers and players. This event wouldn’t have been possible without your support, it was a hole-in-one!