Give the gift of Tools and Training

Llandewey Onion Farmers


Tanesha has been farming for about 35 years. She is passionate about farming and taking care of her family. She would like to add an irrigation system on her onion farm. To grow more onions and increase her income. Will you help farmers like Tanesha?

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Urban Feeding and Training Farms


Fatima is a melon farmer in La Doctrina. She has four children and is trying to provide a better life for her family. Her goal is to gain more skills and training so she can grow and sell more melons. Will you help farmers like Fatima?

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Transportation School Scholarships


Leticia is a single grandmother of two girls. She wants to provide a better education and economic stability for her grandchildren. Her goal is to go back to school to become a truck driver, earn better pay and make a better life for her family. Will you help students like Leticia?

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Families are feeling the pressure of rising food costs and have less food to eat. They are making less income to put food on the table. Many struggling farmers and workers want to expand their skills and earn more income but don’t have the means to do so. You can help! 

With your gift, families can receive the tools and training they need to support themselves. Through these programs, they can increase their income and provide nutritious food for their children. Give the gift of food and sustainability. Read the stories about Tanesha, Leticia, and Fatima and make your gift today!