Ways you can empower women and girls

Period Kits for Young Women

No girl should have to miss school due to menstruation. We provide feminine hygiene supplies to keep young women in school every week of the month; items that are often unaffordable and hard to find such as reusable pads, washcloths, soap, underwear, and more. Your support will provide much needed supplies so that menstruation is not a barrier to a girls’ education.

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Help a Woman Run a Small Business

When a woman is given the tools, skills, and resources she needs to earn a living, she empowers her family and her entire community benefits. We provide income-generation opportunities for women by equipping them with tools and training to learn vital skills. These new skills allow them to make an income to support their families and become self-sustainable.

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San Antonio Chicken Shed Project

Build a community chicken shed and give resources and training that will provide 16 mothers in San Antonio with income-generation opportunities. Together, the mothers will raise hens and roosters for a source of food and income to provide for their families.

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Your support will provide families with safe housing, feed hungry children, and give mothers the tools and training they need to care for their families. Through these programs, you are creating healthy and sustainable communities across the Caribbean and Latin America where families and their children can flourish. 

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