Ways You Can Empower Women and Girls Today

Did you know that 129 million girls worldwide are out of school?


Girls can be a powerful force for creating change. But the truth is, not every girl has the chance to exercise this power. We believe that investing in women and girls will impact whole communities, allowing children and their families to flourish! Here are 3 projects that focus on making education, health care, and earning an income more accessible and equitable for women and girls:

Period Kits for Young Women

No girl should have to miss school due to menstruation. We provide feminine hygiene supplies to keep young women in school every week of the month; items that are often unaffordable and hard to find such as reusable pads, washcloths, soap, underwear, and more. Your support will provide greater access to health care so that menstruation does not continue to be a barrier to girls education.

Help A Girl Out
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Help a Woman Run Their Business

When a woman is given the tools, skills, and resources she needs to earn a living, she empowers her family and her entire community benefits. We provide income-generation opportunities for women by providing them with the training and equipment they need to grow a small business. Your support will equip women with vital skills related to onion farming, truck driving, and raising chickens.

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Support Girls Education

Empowering girls and promoting gender equality starts with education. When we invest in girls’ education, they develop the skills and confidence to help lift their families out of poverty and build strong communities for generations to come. Your gift will help educate girls by providing school supplies, paying for lunches, covering the cost of tuition or contributing to the construction of a school.

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There are many barriers that girls face in accessing education:

  • Costs - Poverty is an important factor in whether a girl will go to school. Uniforms, fees, books, transportation. They all add up. 
  • Gender Bias - Long held misconceptions mean families often focus on the education of male children over females. Considered future breadwinners for families, sons will most often complete their schooling.
  • Menstruation - A lack of running water in a school. A lack of separate bathrooms. The lack of resources to secure period products. These factors can and do lead to girls leaving school when they begin to menstruate. 
  • Household chores - In families where child care isn’t affordable or attainable, girls may miss, or altogether leave school to help with younger siblings. When both parents work, household chores may fall to girls in the family.

Through these programs, you are creating healthy and sustainable communities across the Caribbean and Latin America where families and their children can flourish. 

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