Golf for Guyana 2022 Hole Sponsor

Sponsor a Hole at Golf for Guyana on September 10, 2022 and raise funds for Baramita, an indigenous community in northern Guyana.  

The Baramita community is living in extreme poverty, with approximately 95% of the population living in makeshift tents. There is little access to a reliable food source or safe drinking water.

In 2021 you helped complete a Community Library within the Resource Centre built in 2020. The new library is bright and cheerful. It is well stocked with books and supplies that the children in the community now have access to. This year, we will focus our attention on both agriculture and education within the Baramita community. New opportunities for families to earn sustainable incomes will be created.

 Sunnybrae Golf Club: 1430 King Street, Port Perry, ON

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