Golf for Guyana – September 10, 2022

Thank you for joining us at our annual golf tournament September 10, 2022 to raise funds for Baramita, Guyana.

We were able to raise a record breaking $20,000 for families!

Baramita, an indigenous community in northern Guyana, is living in extreme poverty, with approximately 95% of the population living in makeshift tents. There is little access to a reliable food source or safe drinking water.

In 2022, our golfers addressed the greatest needs in Baramita:

  • Installation of a school garden that is used to teach children about growing vegetables
  • Construction of chicken coops for 12 families
  • A 3-day satellite clinic where doctors and dentists attended to 400+ patients
  • 400 pairs of shoes to children
  • 400 backpacks of school supplies, soccer balls/uniforms
  • Upgrading of equipment used in vocational training + technology used in STEM learning
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