At our first Virtual AGM Reception, we heard from the heads of Food For The Poor Canada (FFPC), US and Haiti about the impact of COVID-19 and the status of 2020 projects. Click to watch the beginning of the virtual event. 

Following updates from Samantha Mahfood, Bishop Oge and Ed Raine, the screen was opened up to questions from listeners. 

Nathasha Borata, from our partner Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation, asked how food aid reaches its intended recipients in different countries. Ed Raine spoke about FFP Inc.’s extensive infrastructure through trusted partners on the ground, positive relationships with governments and strong church networks.

Grant Burton, a strong supporter of Food For The Poor Canada’s work, inquired about FFPC’s priorities towards supporting certain Caribbean and Latin American countries. FFPC will evaluate where the needs are greatest relative to where funds can be used most efficiently.

Andre Bastian, recently appointed Vice-chair of the FFPC Board, asked Bishop Oge about the situation in Haiti and how goods can be moved around the region. According to Bishop Oge, the violence and unrest that made travel and distribution unstable in Haiti has subsided some and FFP Haiti is able to reach the communities it serves.

Finally, our first virtual event ended on an exciting note, when Grant Burton pledged $100,000 to help families feed and care for themselves during the pandemic. THANK YOU GRANT! 

Our next shipment of soup mix and other dried goods is headed to Jamaica this week. Without your help, this could not be possible. 

We are all in this crisis together, but we know it is the vulnerable who will suffer the most. Help families who are hungry. You can make a difference.