As the numbers increase along the Haiti/Domincan Republic border, Food For The Poor Canada asks for your help in responding to an urgent need for housing. An expulsion of generations of Haitians from the Dominican Republic, over 30,000 and counting, has caused this humanitarian crisis. Food For The Poor continues to work in Haiti, employing over 300 Haitians to save and improve the lives of their neediest countrymen and women.

Since the earthquake in 2010, Food For The Poor Haiti has built over 5,000 homes for families; their day to day existence has been improved beyond recognition. Food For The Poor has worked with donors and its recipients in Haiti since 1989 to deliver a combination of disaster relief, aid, and sustainability.

Food For The Poor staff in the US are working to secure rehydration salts, rice meals, beans, corn meal, and baby supplies, along with dishes and eating utensils. Bleach and other cleaning supplies are needed to fight a resurgence of cholera and other threats of disease.

Food For The Poor in Canada is asking you to help provide housing for families who have nowhere to go. Please donate today. We urgently need your help to house as many families and children as quickly as possible; for $8,400 CAD, we can improve a family’s life for generations.

Thank you for your support; we look forward to working with you for the homeless in Haiti.



Samantha Mahfood
Executive Director
Food For The Poor Canada
647 350 7269