Two months after Hurricane Matthew, donors of Food For The Poor have set out to build 1,000 new housing units in 100 days in addition to repairing damage to hundreds of homes.

To date, Food For The Poor Haiti’s construction teams have:

· * Started building 476 new housing units, with all set to be completed in two weeks.
· * Prepared to build 600 more housing units.
· * Repaired roofs on 183 homes in addition to repainting the homes, and begun repairs on 193 more homes.
· * Repaired six fishing villages with work on three more under way.
· * Repaired three schools and one community center.
“The urgency to provide homes cannot be overstated. Those who have had to live in the open since the hurricane are in danger of any number of diseases,” said Robin Mahfood, President/CEO of Food For The Poor in the USA.

“Our donors have given a tremendous amount in the past two months to ensure that their brothers and sisters in Haiti have a chance to eat, drink clean water and lie down under some kind of shelter at night. We are grateful for their commitment and we will continue to count on their generosity in the long recovery we have ahead of us,” Mahfood said.

Food For The Poor USA has shipped a total of 151 containers of lifesaving aid to Haiti, including 15 from the charity’s headquarters in Coconut Creek, and more than 100 drop-shipped directly from donors or suppliers to Haiti.

Food For The Poor Canada has shipped 4 containers, including an emergency flight, partnering with Air Transat to send water purification tablets and medicines.   Watch a video here –

The containers have included food, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, building materials and other goods.