Triumphant Basic School, Food For The Poor Canada’s largest construction project yet, now houses 150 children between the ages of 3 – 5 in Montpelier, Jamaica.

The school was previously held in a local community centre, housing the 150 children in two classrooms and having to pack up everything at the end of each day in order to allow for other events happening at the community centre. The school was loud and crowded, and many children in the area had to travel to distant communities due to the lack of space. Many children were also unable to attend because their families could not afford the travelling costs.

The brand new school has classrooms, a sick bay, a kitchen, washrooms, a playground, fencing and was provided with furniture. For years to come, the school will provide a safe, accessible and positive early childhood education facility for the surrounding community. Children who have a positive and healthy start to school are more likely to stay in school and value their education. The project was funded by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. and Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation. The school was built by 80 Canadian volunteers who traveled to Jamaica and built the school over three days.