Canadians Make Real Impact for Real People

Bernadette, Frank , Jim and Bonnie have been passionately and generously supporting the village of Baramita since they first visited the remote village. Thanks to their generous gift at Christmas, families across Baramita received a care package of essential food and supplies. A few families shared their stories and what the hampers mean for them.

Ruby Alanzo and her family live about a two hour walk from the center of the village and access to food is scarce. Most days the family eats just once per day. Ruby explained that her husband works as a laborer whenever he finds work and she stays at home with the children. The little her husband earns is often not sufficient to take care of the family.

“I am happy for the help, we will eat good for the next few weeks.”

Anita Lewis is weak and frail and unemployed, but she dutifully takes care of her grandson. Anita depends on neighbors and the community to help her family with food. She would eat once a day, but she tries to ensure that her grandson has at least two meals per day even if it means she goes without. Anita was relieved to receive the hamper, she explained that for a few weeks, she will not have to beg for food and will be able to eat well.

“I eat more now, look at me, I am weak, I need to eat more.”

The Social Worker in the community has applied for public assistance for Anita to help her care for herself and her grandson.

Sandy walked six hours from one of most remote areas of the community to come to the center to collect her hamper. She made the trip for her children who are malnourished and in need of food.

“The children are getting sick, they need food, I had to come.”

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