Ulda Difficile is a new homeowner in Derac, Haiti. She felt relief when she received the keys to her house and live in the home with her family.
“I am so happy to have a home where I can place the few belongings I have. I can go out without worrying about them being stolen. This used to be a real struggle for me back then”, said Ulda. “Thank you so much for this beautiful gesture.”
Food For The Poor Canada launched the It Takes A Village to Build A Village campaign in Derac, Haiti in September 2018. The goal was to raise funds to build 60 homes for families who lived in Derac. Through the generosity of hundreds of Canadians, as of spring 2022, we have achieved our goal. All the families have received the keys to their new homes and have moved in.
Before our work in Derac, most of the homes constructed used materials like mud, sticks, or dried leaves. Roofs consisted of rusted sheet metal or old tarps. Families were living in poor sanitary conditions. Many homes did not have bathrooms. This exposed children and their families to cholera and other waterborne diseases.
Today, the two-bedroom homes come equipped with access to water. There are sanitation facilities, a kitchen, and furniture. Each family received a solar light kit. This provides light in the evenings for school work and housework. 
Over the next few years FFTP will work to double their impact. Instead of 60, families, 120 families will now have a place that they can call home. Derac will be a sustainable community with a school, and community centre. There will also be clean water, roads, a community garden, and income-generation opportunities.

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