Thanks to the generosity of Canadian donors, women’s training workshops in San Antonio, Honduras have been a success, and participant feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our partner CEPUDO recently provided us with a detailed update on how women have been benefitting from the program. 

Women’s empowerment workshops are being led by Miriam Martínez, CEPUDO Psychologist and Social Promoter, who has a deep understanding of women’s needs in Honduras. She is promoting strategies to improve women’s emotional intelligence, foster a healthy environment for teamwork, build interpersonal relationships, and learn assertive communication. Workshop discussions are helping women move towards greater independence and self-awareness. 

Women are also being educated on how to identify the frequency, types, and characteristics of violence against women, which is an important social issue that must be brought to attention.

These workshops initially began to benefit a small group, but they are continuing to grow due to the enormous impact they are having on women in San Antonio. Participants have even proactively organized small sewing workshops independently (with the support of the local government). These regular meetings are providing women with the practical knowledge they need to generate income for themselves and their families. 

Celeni, a woman who is benefitting from these workshops, shared her appreciation. “My name is Celeni Dominguez and I belong to the San Antonio community. We are very grateful for the support you have given us. I am happy about the training we have received that has helped us to open our minds. Thanks to these workshops, we have learned many important things to get ahead with our families. These beautiful projects have been a great blessing to our children, youth, and women. To everyone who has helped us, on behalf of my community and family, thank you so much for your generosity and for providing such great support.” She also told us her dreams for San Antonio: “We hope that we can continue to receive help through a women’s community centre where we can continue our sewing workshops. Thank you very much, the San Antonio community hopes that God will continue to bless your lives.” 

This year, we hope to build a women’s community centre to help women continue learning and generate income to become self-sustainable. We look forward to working with you to make Celeni’s wishes and the dreams of the residents of San Antonio a reality.

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