Through the help of generous Canadian donors and in partnership with our in-country partner CEPUDO, we have finished constructing a Vocational Training Centre for youth in the village of San Antonio, Honduras. The grand opening of the Training Centre, Centro Basico Vocacional Zoyla Esperanza Urquia, took place on September 8, 2021. Local authorities, teachers, parents, and youth from the community attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate.  

This is the first school in the community for children beyond Grade 6. Students in San Antonio now have the opportunity to extend their education and learn employable skills in agriculture. By having access to farmland and greenhouses on school property, students will be able to gain hands-on skills in the trade sector. Crops will soon be available to the students so they can have nutritious meals every day. 

The Centre has started offering vocational programming for youth, led by a guidance counsellor, to help students choose their career paths. During the first session, 28 youth had the opportunity to share their interests and explore potential vocations. A parent of some of the students, Maria, recently expressed her gratitude: “…thank God that my children will now be able to focus on their studies and move forward in our own community… we are very grateful to the organizations that are making this dream a reality.”

Local farmers are receiving the materials, resources, and technical assistance they need to produce their own honey and grow their own coffee. Through comprehensive training on different agricultural practices, farmers will have the resources to generate income and become self-sustainable. Beekeeping allows farmers to sell the honey they produce in the market at a competitive price, and coffee farmers have the opportunity to sell their certified organic coffee to various buyers overseas in Europe.

The women’s empowerment training workshops have been taking place since the Centre’s opening. The courses are taught by instructors certified by the National Institute of Vocational Training in Honduras (INFOP). Instructors understand the needs of women in the community, which in turn has been informing the type of skills-specific workshops that are offered. More than 40 women have already benefited from these workshops that consist of modules including emotional intelligence, gender equality, women entrepreneurship, and financial education. 

We would not have been able to make progress in sustainable community development without the help of generous donors. In 2022, we are planning to build 10 homes, a health centre, and a playground through your support. These homes will be outfitted with electrical wiring, sanitation facilities, and access to a water source. We also hope to raise enough funds to increase income-generation opportunities in the region. 

Please consider donating so we can Build a Village in San Antonio.

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