Thanks to tremendous generosity and kindness, Silverstone Basic School is ready to welcome back students! The students are so excited to start their classes in a new, safe, bright, and positive working space. Silverstone Basic School  in Greater Portmore, Jamaica, was known in the community for its excellent teachers and extra curricular activities that kept students motivated, engaged and eager to learn. The school is full of young readers and is the undefeated champion for six years in the *Kiwanis Club’s Reading Competition.”

But, the school lacked a library and computer lab that could benefit all students sufficiently. Much of the cramped staff room was instead dedicated to a constant flow of small groups of students. Now the school is able to continue to provide excellent education with the resources and space for students, and teachers to thrive.

We cannot wait to see what the brilliant, energetic minds of Silverstone Basic School are able to accomplish in their new school!

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