Principal and Founder, Mrs. Vita Dunk started Mount Pleasant Basic school in Jamaica 39 years ago because she wanted to make a difference in her community.

She started with nine students and the school grew from there to 30 – 50 students; quickly outgrowing the space they used in a local church. Unfortunately, she couldn’t secure a larger facility so they made do in the tight quarters, even though it meant cramped classes and running through the rain to access the bathrooms and kitchen.

Food For The Poor has been making education in Jamaica a priority and over the past six years has built 110 schools across the island. During the investigation process Mount Pleasant was identified as a school truly in need of a proper facility to ensure their students would thrive and succeed. Food For The Poor Canada partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation and in July took down a team of volunteers who helped build the structure of the new Mount Pleasant school over the course of three days. Contractors completed the school throughout the summer so it was ready for the beginning of the school year.

Mrs. Dunk is happy to have moved into her new school in September saying “I love the design of our new school because the bathrooms and kitchen are attached and there is a covered corridor.The teachers are able to display their learning materials and the students are more comfortable and focused, as there is a lot more space”.

Mrs. Dunk ended by saying, “The Mount Pleasant Basic School is indeed thankful for this school. It has given us the proper bathroom facilities for our children and staff. The kitchen has all the required appliances, and of course the classrooms which have sufficient space for the children to move around freely. We love that the furniture is age appropriate too. The children, parents and staff are elated and thankful for Food For The Poor and their donors’ kind benevolence. Thank you!”