Every year Food For The Poor Canada works with Health Partners International of Canada to ship pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to Haiti and Jamaica.

Every year HPIC provides about three 40-foot containers of essential medicines, such as antibiotics and hypertensives, over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies. The medical supplies include items such as bandages, syringes,  anti-bacterial wipes, incontinence pads and other commonly used supplies. HPIC has been working with Food For The Poor Canada since 2008.

Food For The Poor has a strong network of health partners across both Haiti and Jamaica with over 200 hospitals and medical clinics. In 2015, Food For The Poor Canada shipped 2.4 million in medicine and medical supplies to Jamaica and Haiti. The medicines and medical supplies were distributed to public hospitals and medical clinics in by Food For The Poor in Haiti and in Jamaica. Food For The Poor Canada also shipped X-ray and Ultra-sound machines to Haiti, and purchased opthamology machines for a clinic in Jamaica.

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