612 students at Lusignan Primary school now have access to a brand new library, complete with new books, computers, audio/visual technology, and more!

This library was made possible by donors Carol Verasamy and her husband Richard, to honour her mother who learned how to read later in life. Carol said during the opening ceremonies, “I’ve had this dream of being able to give back some day. I’m so grateful that we can do this with the help of FFP.”

The project included the structural renovation of the existing library and the installation of more shelving units, electrical components, and furnishing the library. A brand new sanitary facility with two washrooms was also constructed for children.

The teachers at Lusignan were thrilled to receive the new resources. The headteacher of Lusignan mentioned, “This donation could not have come at a better time, especially as we’re still grappling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“Reading is a passport to countless adventures” – Mary Osborne

Let the adventures begin!

Poetry Reading

“With new books and shelves
They are free for you to borrow
So help yourselves.
Come and meet your hero’s
All of them from William the Conqueror to Winnie the Pooh.
The librarians a friend who loves to lend
So see if there’s a book she can recommend.
Are you into bodies or biography?
Are you keen on gerbils or geography?
Gardening or ghosts?
Sharks or science fiction?
There’s something here for everyone
Whatever your addiction.
Over in the corner there’s a table for seating
So come along and join the book club meeting!”

Thank you Carol and Richard for providing these youth with the opportunity to learn, grow, connect and play. 

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