Kinloss Infant School is benefiting children across the Kinloss community in Trelawny, Jamaica. The new school has double the capacity of other early childhood education schools in the area, creating a spacious and comfortable education and environment.

The school was previously held in one classroom at Kinloss Primary School, which had the capacity for 30 students. The new school has three classrooms, a sick bay, staff room, kitchen, bathrooms for the children and the teachers, a playground, fencing and school furniture.

The school is part of a larger educational project, to build schools across Jamaica and improve access to early childhood education, creating a positive and healthly learning environment for children. When children have a positive start to their education, they are more likely to stay in school and value their education. The project was supported by Kisko Products and built by 30 Canadian volunteers who traveled to Jamaica to build the school.

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