On August 14, 2021, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti’s southern peninsula, 80 miles west of Port-au-Prince. Thanks to our generous Canadian donors and GIK partners, we were able to play a significant role in the relief efforts to get Haitian families back on track.

A few days before the earthquake devastated the nation, FFPC in partnership with Ontario Christian Gleaners and Joy and Hope of Haiti, shipped a container of dried vegetable soup, barley, and almonds providing over 805,000 meals. The container reached Haitian communities shortly after the earthquake, allowing for a quick response. 

From this response, a new partnership was formed with GlobalMedic, and together with FFPC, began working together in the emergency response and preparedness space given a shared interest to support affected families. This collaboration allowed the opportunity to provide Haitian communities with 1,152,000 face masks, 640 buckets of food kits, 1,080 boxes of family emergency kits, 1,080 solar lights, 2.45 million water purification tablets, and 200,000 isolation gowns. 

In November, two additional containers of food were shipped with thanks to our food partners Ontario Christian Gleaners and Okanagan Gleaners, together providing over 1.4 million meals, and in December, FFPC shipped one final container of beans to send 176,000 more meals to families in need. 

In the year ahead, we are committed to helping rebuild homes destroyed in the region. Since the 2010 earthquake, Food For The Poor has built over 15,000 homes across Haiti and all have withstood the earthquake. While homes a bit farther out have not been damaged, some closer to the fault line have cracked and will need to be repaired. There is still work to be done in Haiti, but we can only make progress with your support. You can help us deliver aid to Haiti by making a donation.

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