Food For The Poor Canada launched the It Takes A Village to Build A Village campaign in September 2018 with the goal of building 60 homes in Derac. Through the generosity of hundreds of Canadians, we were able to raise the necessary funds to begin this project. Food For The Poor Haiti broke ground, after delays caused by the pandemic and local rioting, on a sustainable community in the village of Derac in northern Haiti on October 28th, 2020.  

Prior to our work in Derac, the vast majority of houses were made out of mud, sticks and dried leaves with roofs of rusted sheet metal or old tarps. Families were living in poor sanitary conditions; homes did not have bathrooms, and many children were left vulnerable to cholera and other waterborne diseases. Community members lacked an indoor space to hold gatherings. 

We have made significant progress since breaking ground; in May 2021, 45 families moved into their beautiful new homes, and the remaining 15 homes are being constructed. 

Food For The Poor US is building the next 60 homes as well as other community infrastructure, including playgrounds, soccer fields, a school, and income generation projects.

Once the project in northern Haiti is completed, 120 families will have a sustainable community that they can call home. The residents of Derac will have what they need to thrive, including a community centre, clean water, roads, and a community garden.

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