As a challenging 2020 draws to a close, Food For The Poor Canada still has lots to be thankful for. With your generosity, and in an effort to address the growing food insecurity exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, FFPC was able to ship a container of donated soup mix to Honduras which has since been distributed to schools and orphanages across the country. The recipients could not have been more excited for this new, tasty meal, as noted by Yola Durón, one of the orphanage’s staff members.

“Having access to all these products that benefit us is a blessing. This dehydrated vegetable mix has been an excellent addition to our menu, the staff and kids are all enjoying it! A good nutrition is highly important for our children’s health, and being able to fulfill it even during these difficult times makes us realize that God has us in His hands. We’re so thankful to be one of the many recipients of this donation. Thank you so much, God bless you.”

The children raved about the soup as well:

“I like the vegetable soup, I’ve never had it before and I know it’ll help me grow strong!”


Thanks to the kindness and generosity of its donors, FFPC is able to send another container of soup mix to Honduras next week, as part of its emergency response efforts. With the recent destruction and displacement that has been a reality for many families of Honduras due to Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota, this is an even more pressing need. This shipment will help provide an additional 1.2 million meals to the most vulnerable communities in the country.

As the need for food grows stronger with each passing day, we kindly ask your consideration in supporting additional containers of rice and beans for Honduras, which will provide even more nutritious meals to families struggling to eat during this challenging time. Together with FFPC, you can bring light to thousands of people this holiday season.


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