Hurricane Dorian


Photo of Hurricane Dorian over the Bahamas

Food For The Poor Of Canada Inc

TORONTO, Sept. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Food For The Poor is partnering with the Sandals Foundation to ensure that we can help Bahamians in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian as quickly and effectively as possible. The Sandals Foundation has a strong presence in the Bahamas and will help with logistics on the ground. FFP continues to monitor the situation to ensure we are able to address the most important and urgent needs. Some airports and communities are still underwater; as soon as we understand the immediate needs of different communities, we will determine how to best help. We have several million water purification tablets, thanks to the generous support of Scotiabank, that are ready to send to communities to provide clean water, once we have access to a port. We are also raising funds to purchase tarpaulins. Tarpaulins and water purification tablets in an emergency save lives.  A 20’x20′ tarpaulin for $15 provides a family with temporary relief protecting them from extreme conditions and preventing further damage to their home. We are asking Canadians to donate to help us purchase tarpaulins to provide as many families as possible with shelter until rebuilding begins.

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