During the course of spring and summer 2017, Food For The Poor Canada shipped three 40′ containers of food to Haiti as part of our food distribution program.

A total of 9,787 bags of nutritious vegetable soup mix, 6,142 cans of chickpeas and 6,720 boxes of whey protein powder have been distributed to orphanages, prisons and schools across the country by our colleagues at Food For The Poor Haiti.

Malnutrition continues to be a problem in Haiti, especially among children. One-fifth of all Haitian children suffer from malnutrition, and 70 of every 1,000 children die before reaching their fifth birthday.

Unfortunately, agriculture is poorly developed in Haiti due to the environmental damage from a series of natural disasters. The country therefore relies on humanitarian aid from countries like Canada to feed their population.

Food For The Poor Canada is committed to providing emergency food to Haiti in times of crisis while also investing in sustainable development projects giving Haitians the means to grow and sell their own food.

Thank you Enable Haiti, Joy & Hope of Haiti, Ontario Christian Gleaners and Health Partners International Canada for partnering with us to feed the hungry.

Together we are stronger and can help more people!