In November 2018, we partnered with Ontario Christian Gleaners and Joy & Hope of Haiti to ship a 40′ container full of nutritious food for Haiti.

Approximately 10,000 bags of dried vegetable soup mix, beef broth and dried cranberry beans were received by our partner on the ground Food For The Haiti and distributed across the country to some very destitute areas. Below you can read about the impact the soup has had on some of the recipients in Kkottongnae Village.

Kkottongnae Village is in Beudet, a locality of Croix des Bouquets. It is an impoverished community of approximately 40,000 residents located 9 miles east of Port-au-Prince, a 45-minute drive from Food For The Poor’s office. There are not many opportunities for employment which makes the area very poor. Most residents make a living from subsistence agriculture, selling goods in the local market earning less than $2 US a day.

There are three Kkottongnae sisters and two brothers that work in the village aided by dozens of volunteers every day and a small staff composed of a few people. According to Sister Mathias, their mission is to feed and help the poor in any way possible, especially the ones who have been abandoned by their families. The village welcomes people of all ages from young children to the elderly. They provide them with shelter, basic needs and medical care. There are about 250 elderly people in the village.

“There aren’t many places in Haiti that welcome the elderly with disabilities, so this village is a safe place for them. In the name of everyone in the village please allow me to say Thank you! We at Kkottongnae village are forever grateful and are very appreciative of your donations. Not one time have you refused to help us, big or small every time we have reached our hands to you. You have extended to us a blessing to help us continue our ministry. Thank you so much to the amazing donors” said members of the staff. “The soup is so good; everyone can have some. I love it and everyone else in the village loves it”, said one of the main cooks.

“Food is essential for survival; no one wants to go a day without it. No matter how hard life gets God will always show us a way or open a door to help in our difficult times. I found my way through Kkottongnae, the village is my safe haven. I am fed daily, we receive rice, corn etc., but the soup mix is my favourite. Sometimes they make it with rice and sometimes like today, it’s a warm pot of soup. It is very delicious and nutritious. Thank you Food For The Poor for this soup” said Acile Rock an elderly woman who was placed in the village two years ago.

Andreenne Louis a 13-year-old girl was placed under the care of Kkottognae after being abandoned by her family. Andreenne was severely beaten by a close family member, resulting in the loss of sight in her right eye a couple years ago. “I thank God every day for this village. I am so grateful to have found a place like Kkottognae. The soup is given to us in many ways. Personally I like it either way; give it to me with rice, corn or just as the soup. I will eat it either way. Thank you to sister Mathias for fighting for us every day and thank you to Food For The Poor and the wonderful donors” she said.

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