FFPC works with the Every Child Counts School in the Bahamas to support priority needs. Hurricane Dorian destroyed the school in 2019. This includes the rebuilding of the school, feeding programs and educational supplies.
This year, students have benefitted from a lunch program. Here they receive sandwiches, fruit, and juice. Between January and April, we served 81 lunches and 1,500 snacks to low-income students! Providing these children with a meal means they are not only eating nutritious food. They are also getting a better chance to learn, grow, and thrive.
Hurricane Dorian destroyed the schools musical instruments. Thanks to a generous donor, FFPC purchased new instruments to restock the classroom. The students now have access to drums, guitars and ukuleles. There are even brass instruments like trombones! This gift of instruments allows the students to try something new. It encourages creativity. It also helps them to express themselves in ways they may have never imagined.

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