Thanks to a generous donor, Food For The Poor Canada built its first village in Haiti!

We broke ground in 2017 and completed the work in 2018; Bezin is a community of 3,000 people that have no dependable source of income, lack adequate housing, infrastructure and access to water. Bezin is managed by an organization of women who are elected by their community and worked with us to identify 30 families in need of a home, the location of a water well and solar street lights and the operations of a chicken coop.

Mother of three, Marie Nicole Maisonneuve, was thrilled to receive her new home and is very grateful for all the changes that it will bring into her life. In order to take care of their family, Marie Nicole sells dried food and cosmetic products while her husband works as a farmer. The income they make from trading their goods is small and is barely enough to cover all their daily expenses. As a result, even though they worked hard they were never able to save to build a decent home. Instead, they were forced to live in an old house made of wood and covered with torn plastic tarps.

“Now that I have a nice house, I feel at ease, and most importantly, I feel safe said Marie Nicole. I can lock my door at night. And as a family we can sit together, pray and peacefully go to bed. At night, we also pray for the donor who paid for our home so that they can continue to help those who are living in poverty”.

This past fall, we broke ground on our second village, Tierra Muscady, and built the first ten houses of 30 and started the construction of a chicken coop that will eventually house 1000 layers. A water treatment system, water well, street lights and the remaining houses will be completed in the first half of 2019.

With the continued support of our Canadian village, 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year, as we’re now raising funds for our third village, Derac, located in northern Haiti. We look forward to your continued support so we can make an impact across multiple villages around the island.