Bogue Hill Primary School was established in 1961 and is located in the hills of Western St. James, approximately seven miles outside the city of Montego Bay.

The community of Bogue Hill has a population of 4000 people. Bogue Hill is a semi-rural community with high rates of unemployment. Less than 1% of the population work outside of the community. Most adults who are employed do jobs such as masonry, carpentry and are store attendants in nearby stores and supermarkets.

Previously, Bogue Hill Primary School held an  infant department in the Primary School, within a single classroom near a small kitchenette which is presently in operation. A total of 22 four and five year olds were in this one classroom. The classroom lacked proper ventilation and the kitchenette was without an exhaust system thus making the class very warm and uncomfortable for students and teacher. There was one detached bathroom with two toilets to accommodate the students in the infant department. The detached bathroom facility posed a problem for students during rainy periods. It was located at the back of the school and as such is a security concern since the school is not fenced.

The Bogue Hill Infant School project involved constructing a ten unit ‘U shape’ school consisting of four classrooms, office area, sick bay, kitchen, sanitation and eating area alongside the Primary School. The project also involved constructing a fence and playground. The project will enable the capacity to grow from 20 to 60 students, providing free early childhood education to the surrounding communities.