A dedicated group of Canadian donors working with Food For The Poor Canada have made a significant impact in Baramita, Guyana, a rural village on the border of Venezuela. In 2020, a new Community Centre was built to provide members of the village with a public space for sewing workshops for income generation and training sessions to increase awareness of gender-based violence. 

We are working with our partners in Guyana to add a library to the existing Community Centre; the library will be a safe space for youth, providing them with access to educational resources such as textbooks and tablets. We are excited to open the library to the community later this fall. 

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, we will be providing the community with a chicken-rearing project to ensure a source of sustainable food for families. Twelve families will soon have the opportunity to rear creole chickens in a newly constructed chicken coop. Each family will be given 24 chicks and enough chicken feed to last nine months. A training workshop will be held to teach families how to care for the chickens and manage the coop. We are making arrangements to provide families with all the necessary chicken-rearing materials within the next few weeks.  

Earlier in September, on a beautiful Saturday morning, a group of passionate Canadians participated in the Golf for Guyana tournament. Funds raised through the event, totalling close to $20,000, will be a great step towards beginning the Baramita Plant Husbandry project in December 2021. This agricultural project will allow families to grow more fruit and vegetables, provide them with an opportunity to generate income, and bolster their food supplies. 

Together, we have accomplished much in Guyana over the past several years, but there is still work to be done. As we help Baramita become sustainable, we need your help to build 10 homes. Visit our Guyana donation page to support the important work being done to transform the lives of Baramita’s residents. 

Header image: Two young women participate in a sewing class inside Baramita’s newly constructed Community Centre.

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