The Pedro Plains Basic and Primary schools are located in  Pedro Plains in the constituency of south Western St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. It has a about seven miles from the nearest town junction with a population of approximately five thousand residents.

The Pedro Plains Basic School was experiencing a space problem for a number of years. At the beginning of each school year, teachers had to send away students to other schools, because they have no accommodation for them. As a result, the Pedro Plains Primary school did not grow because it did not have a large basic school feeding into it.  The additional cost of travel for families was a challenge and many families were not able to send their children to any early childhood education as a result.

The building of Pedro Plains Infant School will increase the capacity of the school to 60 students as well as provide free early childhood education. The Infant School has been built beside the Primary School, allowing for a smooth transition for children from early childhood education to primary school.

The new school has three classrooms as well as a kitchen, washrooms, water system and sickbay. The Infant School was also provided with new stove, desks and chairs.

Food For The Poor Canada and its partner, Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation, along with 25 volunteers traveled to Pedro Plains to build the school over a 3 day period. The initiative was led by Hall of Fame Track and Field Legend Donovan Bailey and the Donovan Bailey Foundation.

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