You can help us send critical and lifesaving aid to communities in Haiti and Jamaica today. Next month we are shipping a container of medicines donated by our partner Health Partners International of Canada to Jamaica and a container of dried vegetable soup to Haiti, donated by Ontario Christian Gleaners, an organization that uses vegetables donated by southern Ontario farmers and volunteers to make the soup. Please help us get it to the children who need it the most.

Every $1 you give is turned into $30 in aid to help children and families who are facing hunger and illness.

What will your gift do?

$30 will provide 100lbs of rice and beans

$50 will feed a child for a year

$100 will provide $5000 worth of lifesaving medicine

Shipping and distributing food, medicine and medical supplies is an important part of our work. Thanks to your generosity, Food For The Poor is on the ground working with local partners and local government to ensure aid reaches those who need it the most. We are distributing food to children in schools and orphanages, providing hospitals and clinics with medicines and medical supplies and ensuring more children have access to the health care they need.

With your help, we strengthen communities. When children and families are healthy and fed, they are able to thrive.

Today your gift can go 30x as far to help get food, clean water and health care to those who need it the most.