Hi, I’m Andrea,

I’d like to tell you all about my recent trip to Honduras and the wonderful things you are making happen there. To learn more about the projects we are working on in the community of San Antonio, click on the links below.

Beekeeping in Honduras

One of our first stops was to the APICOL (La Asociación de Apicultores de Colinas) beekeeping project. Learn more about the care and maintenance of honey bees.

Coffee Farming in Marcala

Visit the coffee farms in Marcala, an area known for its optimal climate for coffee harvest and one of the largest coffee production areas in the world. Click to learn more.

Agricultural Vocational School in San Antonio

Visit the recently constructed agricultural vocational school and greenhouses in San Antonio. Learn more.

Women’s Empowerment Group

Learn more about the women’s empowerment group in San Antonio and how the workshops are having an impact on their lives.

Honduras image booklet

View images from Andreas trip in this booklet.