What do you love about the work of FFPC? 

Thanks to your generosity, over the last decade there have been so many wonderful moments made while working with volunteers, donors, and the families and communities we serve. We are filled with so much joy as we look back on the special moments you helped make possible. Here is a list of our Top 10 FFPC Moments of Love and Care! 

Please share your personal favourite moments with FFPC by posting them to our Facebook Page. 

Here we go!

We loved when….

10. Sheldon Johnstone, a member of the Lower Buxton community joined in with the Canadian volunteers to help build a school in his community. Seeing people doing something for others, inspires even more people to become a part of it. Afterall, giving is a gift to the giver and the receiver. 

9. Anne Imanese Lazar of Haiti moved into her new house with her family and told us “no words can describe my happiness…This is a big change in my life, I have my own home.” A safe home will ease some of the daily pressures for Anne and her family, knowing she has a stable house to come home to. 

8. A group of alumnae from Appleby College spent their vacation in Jamaica to build a house for Joan Williams and her family. They were transformed by the experience of giving back. 

7. People like Marsha, give and volunteer again and again for house builds and school builds, packing containers and donating to change lives! Giving really does feel that good! 

6. People came together from Jamaica and Canada to build the Accompong Basic School; a gift from the G. Raymond Chang foundation. Our board members and past board members are included in this picture!

Our patron G. Raymond Chang who is remembered for his great impact on health and education in Canada and the Caribbean, is also remembered for his work with FFPC and the school he built in Jamaica. He continues to make a difference in the lives of the Accompong community members and communities and individuals too numerous to name. 

5. Rose Marie Lundor, member of the community of Bezin, Haiti, shared how empowered she felt about the income generating project, the chicken coop. “For the first time in my life, I feel useful to the community. This project is a great initiative and a wonderful opportunity for the area.” 


4. Nancy, Elizabeth and their family in Haiti shared how they felt about their new home and what it meant to them and their future. 

3. Mrs. Wollery, principal at Providence SDA Basic School, was thrilled that all 67 students at her school were able to enjoy a hot, delicious lunch of soup thanks to the Ontario Christian Gleaners. 

2. TJ and his friends were SO excited to start playing and learning in their new Lower Buxton Infant School! This is why we do what we do! 

1. We get to work with YOU! As a supporter of FFPC, none of these acts of love and compassion would have been possible without you. 

We look forward to making many more wonderful memories together in 2020 and the decade to come.