You can give families access to education, food, health, and safe housing. Help build a sustainable village in San Antonio, Honduras with your gift today. 

Your Donations in Action

San Antonio was identified by our partner CEPUDO in Honduras as a community that could thrive and grow with some targeted development. Since 2021, our donors have been actively responding to those needs. Here is an update on the changes Canadians have made possible so far:

Agricultural School 

The new agricultural school for children in grades 7-9 opened in September 2021. The students are so excited about their future thanks to our donors! You can read more about the success of this project in Andrea’s blog post here.

Resources to increase income

Coffee farmers and beekeepers received supplies and equipment because of our donors. They learn new skills and how to grow their family business. The local women are also gaining more knowledge to improve their income so they can send their children to school. 

Healthcare Clinic

The construction of the new healthcare clinic in San Antonio finished in September2022! Families can now stay in their community to receive medical advice and care, without having to travel for hours. 

What’s the next project? After four months of workshops and trainings, the women of San Antonio have put in a special request. They would like to have their own space to create and grow new businesses in the community. This new Women’s Income-Generation Centre will allow women to learn new skills and grow their income for their families for years to come. Thanks to you, we have fundraised enough to build it, and construction is set to begin in 2023. Learn more about our projects in San Antonio and how you can be a part of it.

Andrea visits Honduras

Our team member Andrea joined Food For The Poor Canada as our Senior International Projects Manager during the height of the pandemic. Her trip to Honduras this past March was the first time she could hop on a plane to visit one of the five countries we work in. She was able to see first-hand the projects you have made possible and the families you are helping in San Antonio, Honduras. Andrea put together a detailed journal of her trip and a photo album in an online blog post just for you!

Why do families in Honduras need your help?

Families in Honduras face many daily struggles that can make it difficult to live. They don’t have close access to health clinics or a regular doctor and nutritious meals. Many families can’t afford to send their children to school after grade six. Their housing options and supplies are often limited, making homes unsafe, especially if there is severe weather. And, there are also high rates of violence and crime throughout the country.

With your help, we can:

  • Build schools to provide access to education beyond grade six;
  • Help provide training and workshops to increase a family’s income; 
  • Ship and distribute food to support nutrition programs at schools and community centres; 
  • Ship medicine and supplies to hospitals and clinics across the country;
  • Build safe and secure homes for families; 
  • Send emergency kits when there is a natural disaster.

Country Statistics

  • 60% of the country lives on less than $2 per day
  • Over 600,000 people in Honduras lack access to clean water
  • There are more people in the country who lack food than have enough to eat
  • More than 45% of children who should be attending high school in the country are not

Our Work with CEPUDO

We work closely with our partner CEPUDO in Honduras to help families overcome conditions of extreme poverty. Together, with their local knowledge and connections, and our donors, we can provide shelter for those most in need, relieving hunger through monthly aid, and bringing hope to youth through education.

CEPUDO works with a large number of local community organizations, health centres, and schools and orphanages to ensure that those most in need are reached.

To learn more about CEPUDO’s programming and distribution work, click here.