One of our partners, Every Child Counts (ECC), supports children with different abilities. We have provided medical machinery, funded lunch programs, and supported education by purchasing and distributing supplies such as musical instruments. Since the Bahamas is a country prone to natural disasters, we also help in the aftermath by supporting with rebuilding efforts.

Our Current Projects

Food For The Poor Canada (FFPC) currently works in the Bahamas to support with repairs and refurbishing following damage resulting from a natural disaster, most recently Hurricane Dorian. We continue to fundraise to support the rebuilding of schools and purchasing of food for lunch programs and educational items such as musical instruments, supplies, and furniture that had been lost or damaged.

How We Help Every Day

FFPC focuses its efforts in the Bahamas on emergency response and preparedness.

On September 1st, 2019, ECC was devastated by Hurricane Dorian, the worst natural disaster in the country’s history. The hurricane resulted in damage to all of the school’s buildings, including the newly constructed Transitional Living Facility, and complete destruction of The Convent.

With the help of our donors and in-country partners, we work in the Bahamas to:

  • Support the rebuilding of schools in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian
  • Ship and distribute food and emergency aid based on the most urgent need

Country Statistics

  • The poverty rate in the Bahamas currently sits at 12.5%, with women representing more than half of those impoverished
  • Haitians living in the country, and Bahamians under 20, are also among the most vulnerable to poverty
  • Given it’s geography, the Bahamas is occasionally impacted by harsh hurricanes, the most recent and devastating of which was Hurricane Dorian in September 2019

Our Work With Every Child Counts

For years, FFPC has supported Every Child Counts (ECC), a school that has been serving the Marsh Harbour community through full-time special education programs since 1999. As the Bahamas is a country prone to natural disasters, FFPC works together with ECC to repair and refurbish damage done as a result of hurricanes.

To learn more about ECC’s programming and distribution work, click here.