Earlier this year we partnered with Ontario Christian Gleaners and the Westover Layette Ladies to ship a 40′ container of food, educational supplies and layettes to Jamaica.

This is a report on the distribution of 600 layettes to recipients in various parishes across Jamaica.

Beneficiaries were happy to share photos showcasing how they have been utilizing the gifts received. They also expressed sincere appreciation for the much-needed donation.

Jhanelle Morris was very thankful for the clothes received for her 1-year-old daughter Jhazara:

“If I was to purchase clothing for her at this moment, I would not be able to do so, because I am currently unemployed. I was only able to buy newborn clothes for her when it was nearing her birth, but since then, I have relied on assistance from friends, who give me clothing that their children have outgrown. I am really trying to secure employment, so I will be able to purchase things for my daughter including more clothing, as she is getting bigger each day.

Winnifred Morris received two bags of layettes, which was shared amongst three of her grandchildren, ages nine months, one and seven years old.

“Though it is somewhat shameful to think that, we don’t have something as simple as clothes, I had to put my pride aside and request the clothes from Food For The Poor, because my grandchildren really needed them. Every item we got has been put to good use. As a matter of fact, clothing that were too small for the nine month old were given to a lady who was in a similar situation.”

Winsome Diaz and her daughter, Theresa Facey, also benefited from the generous donation:

“Even if we had money to purchase clothing for the children, we would not be able to buy in bulk to give to all of them, the way the donation received did. My mother, Winsome Diaz, is the sole breadwinner for the family. She earns a little from selling underwear in the market. I must also point out that, the clothes we got from you (Food For The Poor and donors), were in really good condition and the is appreciated.”

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