Over the past few months, some of you lost jobs, savings, confidence in the economy – and yet you still gave generously. You were a 10 year old boy who held a car wash to raise money for kids in Haiti to have food. You were worried about your safety and the safety of your friends and family and you still thought of families in regions with limited resources and few safety nets. Our world changed 4 months ago; what didn’t change was your compassion and consideration for our global community.

In March, we reached out immediately to our partners in the Caribbean and Latin America to identify our response efforts. After learning about severe food shortages disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable communities, Food For The Poor Canada redirected our focus to addressing the growing food insecurity. We launched an ambitious campaign to raise $1M and feed an additional 50,000 people over the next 6 months .

Together with you and our Canadian partners, working with our Caribbean and Latin American partners, FFPC will distribute 4.4 million meals enough food to feed 50,000 people for almost 3 months:

Volunteers at the North Okanagan Gleaners prepare donated, surplus vegetables for the soup mix process.

Canadian farmers from Ontario donated surplus food, volunteers from Gleaners’ groups from Ontario to British Columbia processed it into dried soup and collectively provided 3 Million meals to communities in Haiti, Jamaica and Honduras. Learn more here. 

Your kindness over the last few months allowed us to purchase eight containers of rice and beans which will provide 1.4 million meals for communities in Guyana, Honduras, Haiti, and Jamaica. Whenever possible, food is purchased locally and close to their intended recipients, such as rice from Guyana and beans from Brazil. This helps to stimulate and support local economies while feeding children and families who are struggling to afford food during the pandemic. The containers are in the various stages of shipping and distribution so keep an eye on our social media for the impact of your generosity!

Beyond food, you helped the people and places on the frontlines of the pandemic. Your support delivered 100 new Jamaican manufactured hospital mattresses that are easily sanitized to clinics in Jamaica and a shipment of medical inhalers to support people with respiratory illnesses at home.

FFP partners and volunteers in Honduras package donated supplies to distribut to families.

So much has happened since the beginning of the pandemic and it continues. Thank you for your commitment to save lives, transform communities and renew hope with your kindness.

Ask your friends, families and neighbours to make a big difference with a small contribution – because Together We Can.  Please keep those affected by COVID-19 in your thoughts and prayers.